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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall colors update

Just got back from picking up several brilliant sugar maple leaves-each one brought a different feeling to me. 

The fall colors in Northeast Iowa are nearing peak-most of the early trees (cottonwoods, walnuts basswoods, maples, ash, hickory) are showing of their finest colors of the year.  Some trees have been affected by a fungus called Anthracnose-which makes parts of the leaves dead or blotched. Anthracnose varies on the impact it has on hardwood trees, typically white oaks and walnuts are effected the most. 

Popular places to get outside and view the leaves in Northeast Iowa are Osborne Nature Center, Pikes Peak State Park, Backbone State Park, Yellow River State Forest.  Three of my hidden gems are Brush Creek Canyon State Preserve, Mossy Glenn State Preserve and White Pine Hollow State Preserve. None of  these 3 have designated trails, but they do have some of the most spectacular trees and scenes in the midwest.

If you can not get out and hike (I know you can!) tour the Great River Road or any hilly back country gravel road this next week to see the fall colors in their prime. 

Share some pictures/experiences!

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