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Monday, September 20, 2010

Northeast Iowa Fall Colors

If you have not noticed yet, the fall colors are starting to turn in Northeast Iowa. The changing of leaf color is associated with winter dormancy in all perennial plants. A chemical called phytochrome triggers plants to go into the dormant period when nights get long enough. Therefore, day length does trigger leaf color.  Change in the manufacture of chlorophyll is slowed and the green color in the leaves begins to fade, allowing the other pigments to show through. Since the transport of water is slowed down, food manufactured by the remaining chlorophyll builds up in the sap of the leaf and other pigments are formed which cause the leaves to turn
red or purple in color, depending on the acidity of the sap. Pheeew all that changing gives us some brilliant colors!

The sumac and virginia creeper have begun turning into brilliant red hues. Sumac almost always turns red because red pigments are present and its leaf sap is acidic, while many of the oaks and sometimes ashes will get a purplish color because the sap is less acidic. Currently, the walnuts are fastly loosing their now yellow leaves and some ashes haveh also begun turning yellow.  For more information on fall color change and viewing times you can visit http://www.iowadnr.gov/forestry/fallcolor.html

There is no better time to visit Northeast Iowa than from the last weekend in September through the third weekend of October-expect plenty of color change. I will do my best to keep the blog updated on current colors and where to go!

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