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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is spring here

Although it does not fully feel like spring has arrived yet, reports of grey mushrooms and nesting bluebirds have come through the Osborne Welcome  and Nature Center. Last week, while checking our bluebird boxes, I found two bluebirds who were sitting on a full brood of eggs. I also have noticed several species of warblers coming through the area including the easy to spot yellow rumped warbler. This bird is easy to identify by the bright yellow patch on its rump-hence its name.  Regardless of the dreary weather, the signs are fastly approaching-letting us know spring is here.

Junior Naturalist Camp 2011

The Junior Naturalist Camp season has started at Osborne Nature Center. The Junior Naturalist Camp is held during the summer at Osborne. The camp is open to Clayton County 6-8th grade students. The Junior Naturalist program focuses on exploring nature and the environment. Activities are led by Naturalists at Osborne Center, local resource specialists and sportsmen. Each grade level has a different theme and participates in a variety of activities. Some activities include: geocaching, canoeing, tubing, archery, night hikes, Bird ID, and survival skills. Sign up quickly as the deadline is May 18, 2011.

For more information simply vist the LINK below for a copy of the Junior Naturalist Brochure.