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Friday, May 7, 2010

Naturalist Poetry

This poem is based upon the initial completion of my bluebird boxes. I placed five boxes on my property; currently three of them are being used by nesting bluebirds. Yesterday, one of the boxes was blown upside down by the strong winds, causing three of the eggs to break. This has been one of the greatest avoidable heartbreaks of my life. Hopefully, we all may gain critical insight on our actions and open our hearts to the beauty of supporting suistainable life. Remember to monitor your bluebird boxes..

I’m a giver of life; an honest transmitter of the natural world allowing native spirits to flow through my soul. My Coyote eyes are keen observers on the radiant beauty and harmony found in nature. My Owl ears interpret the subtlest composers of nature’s free musical choir. I open my human heart to the ephemeral innocence of children playing in nature. I choose to forgive the misinformed and unaware. Choose to be a steward of the land, give something back to the land which sustains my body and refreshes my spirit. Like the charming bluebird, I live life simply, yet colorfully. Connecting people to nature through inspirational and passionate experiences is my inherent responsibility. But after seeing the bluebirds die today, I recognize I have much to learn in so little time; there is so much I can take, yet I feel I give so little back. Thankfully, the bluebirds are resilient to my humanly mistake and will have another brood this summer. For now, I will be a more knowledgeable and caring student: become a better teacher by sharing this transcending story about the everyday choices we make and the enduring hope for sustaining Nature.

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