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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morel Mushrooms

In the past couple of days, several adults at Osborne Nature Center have asked me if the “yellows” are out. The “yellows” are morel mushrooms, a type of edible fungi found in Iowa’s woodlands and forest edges. Before the yellows fruit, the smaller grey morel mushrooms often sprout first. Both greys and yellows are edible and can be cooked with either butter, crackers, or flour. Typically morels can be found from the end of April till the middle of May when temperatures are in the 60’s to 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. Early in the season search south facing hills and as temperatures warm, direct your search towards north facing hill sides. Most morels can often be found underneath a dead elm tree, especially if the tree has bark peeling from its branches. The window for prime morel hunting is quickly closing, as morels can dry up in a matter of days so take the family on a treasure hunt for dinner!


  1. wow those are some big shrooms!!!!!

  2. Many of them were on the verge of drying out.