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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Water Poetry

How valuable is clear water in Iowa-more and more this topic is becomming the priority of the environmental movement of our state.  This poem was spawned based upon a few recent experiences kayacking/fishing rivers in Northeast Iowa.

we are on the only planet
where water is the indictor species of every living being
the flowing circulatory heart of earth
we dread having too little or too much, for
clean water and the human heart are out of touch
by thinking altering (draining) the landscape
and treating the water will suffice,
no matter the outcomes no matter the price,
we disregard the organisms who
succumb to our fate in the silted waters we create.

In a growing population
you better grab your clean share
while the ice is still melting.

Yes, come tomorrow
I’m heading north to borrow a boat
To go floating above for an honest purpose,
fishing below for a better meaning
of what lays under the surface.
Hoping for clearer waters to
reveal a flowing heart who is tranquil, healthy
and free.

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