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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cardinals Kissing

Many avian species do numerous acts to court their partner, this is called "pair bonding".   One morning at my feeder I saw a male cardinal sharing his seed (mouth to mouth) with a female cardinal.  It was a laughable yet inspiring moment and has spawned this poem "Cardinals Kissing"

On the long lonely nights,
I’d wake well before the cold dawn,
Brew my coffee and
Let my thoughts carry on.
Watch the first sunray
Glisten the western hill,
Listen to your
Cheerful rhapsody,
Watch you feed
On treasures of safflower and sunflower seed.

A modest businessman, you sold your song and beauty
For the monthly seed price of 12.43.
The woods were your residence,
My feeders your cathedral,
You were the best winter minister, a radiance of inspiration.

Their was not a wind too strong or a snow too high;
That kept you from coming back to redden up my day.

You pardon the winter;
Because in spring,
All loneliness goes missing
when cardinals go kissing.


  1. very neat poem,who wrote this

  2. One of the naturalists at Osborne

  3. Well please tell that person good job. I enjoyed reading the poem.